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Pet Vaccinations in Vero Beach, Florida

Reasons to Vaccinate

For every opinion out there in favor of vaccinations, there will always be one opposed. We live in a world full of information, both true and false, and it can be difficult to distinguish what is good for your pets. Experts agree that using vaccinations has prevented death and disease in many animals. If you are considering vaccination, Dr. Herman can put any of your worries to rest. 
Vaccination with care.

Preventing Illness

The only smell worse than a wet dog is a sick dog. Pets aren’t always able to communicate sickness as well as humans do. Sometimes prevention is the best help you can give them. Vaccinations have been proven to prevent illness. Better to be safe than sorry! 

Avoiding Costly Treatments

Your pet will thank you for getting treatments sooner rather than later. Often, delaying vaccinations causes more costly and extensive treatments later on. Vaccinations avert diseases that cost more money down the road. 

Inhibiting the Spread of Disease

If your pet is exposed to many other pets and people each day, getting a vaccination stops disease from being passed from animal to animal. Our experts aim to keep your pet safe, but we also keep in mind the health and wellness of all the other animals your pet interacts with.

Why Do Puppies and Kittens Require a Series of Vaccinations?

It’s never easy to watch a young baby get shots, let alone a young animal. They may resist, but we do it because it’s good for them. Young animals are susceptible to illness because their immune system is still developing. Having a series of vaccinations provides ideal protection against disease. Usually the vaccinations are scheduled three to four weeks apart. Dr. Herman will evaluate the best situation for your pet to ensure the vaccinations are scheduled at the right time.
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