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Pet Care Products and More in Vero Beach, FL

Pet Care Specialist

Our primary care services Include:
  • Annual physical exam with wellness testing
  • Annual comprehensive senior examination and counseling
  • In-depth diagnostic work ups
  • Vaccinations
  • Generalized surgery with scalpel or surgical laser
  • Dentistry (including teeth cleaning, extractions, and preventative care)
  • Behavioral counseling or referral to a trainer or specialist
  • Same-day prescription refills
  • Expedited and prompt test results from on-site and outside laboratory
  • On-site radiology and ultrasonography services
  • Electrocardiogram with specialist interpretation/consultation
  • Nutrition and weight counseling
  • Puppy and kitten vaccinations and care
  • End-of-life care and counseling
  • Chemotherapy and cancer care
  • Boarding/medical observation for active clients (current examination by Dr. Herman and appropriate vaccinations required for the safety of our other boarders)
  • Tonopen/glaucoma screening
  • Avid microchip implantation and identification
  • Domestic health and travel certificates
  • Pet selection counseling
  • Grief counseling
  • Pain management
  • Extended office visits if requested
  • Emergency services provided to active established clients (referrals to outside emergency clinics for intensive care needs if needed)
  • Telemedicine system with rapid specialist referral and diagnosis
  • Home euthanasia is available upon request and availability for active clients
  • General bathing and medicated baths available
  • Intestinal parasite diagnosis, prevention, and treatment
Pharmacy and pet products we carry include:
  • Pet Medical Center offers a full range of prescription diets and treats (Purina, Eukanuba, IAMS, Science Diet, and More)
  • Various dental care products are available
  • Variety of shampoos and skin-care products
  • Flea and tick preventative and tick collars
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After-Hours Emergency Services Available For Active Clients

Hanna helps Dr. Herman examine a patient.
If you have an after-hours veterinary emergency, please call our main number, 772-562-0666, first. We have a 24-hour answering service. Dr. Herman will call you back to discuss the level of care your pet needs. Although many emergencies may be treated by phone, it may be determined that your pet needs a higher level of care and monitoring than we can provide. In that case, you will be referred to one of the local emergency clinics. Otherwise, we will be glad to evaluate and treat your pet at our hospital. On rare occasions, Dr. Herman may be unavailable; in that case, we will refer you to a veterinarian with whom Dr. Herman has made prior arrangements for coverage. We only make referrals to doctors in whom Dr. Herman has the utmost confidence.
For information about a specific product or service, please give us a call.
Pet Medical Center of Vero Beach
Pet Medical Center of Vero Beach

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After Hours Emergency Services Available
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